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For all questions related to testing tribological issues or new methods or new equipment or anything vaguely related to a wear, a lubrication or a friction issue, in production, component level, biomaterials, plastics or metals, forming and cutting industry, abrasive wear, adhesion, friction control, traction... you name it :  Feel free to send us your question. You can use the contact form for a quick question, or you can choose one of our two physical locations below and get in touch with the lab's manager or application manager. We will reply to your inquiries as quickly as possible.


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Falex Europe

At Rotselaar, Belgium, our lab with +15 different tribometers from the leading brands Falex, Tetra and Plint, we support Europe and the world for tailored tribology testing.

Dr. Dirk DreesCEO Application Center (
Wingepark 23B
Rotselaar B-3110 BELGIUM

Falex Tribology Europe

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